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What Is The Syracuse Foundation, INC.

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The Syracuse Foundation was established as a non-profit tax-exempt corporation. Our goal is to seek out the needs of the local area, whether civic, educational, cultural, recreational, humanitarian, or health and help fund solutions to these needs.

Funds to meet these needs come essentially as direct gifts from individuals, memorial contributions, and bequests.

The Foundation gathers and manages capital of all amounts from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. The income from this capital is applied to uses that serve the best interests in the community.

The Syracuse Foundation pools the assets and represents the ideas and interests of people who want to increase the impact of their philanthropy. IT IS NOT A PLACE TO GIVE MONEY, BUT RATHER A METHOD OF GIVING MONEY.

The Foundation has obtained its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status; therefore, all contributions can be tax deductible. Any person may contribute any amount at any time to a current Foundation project, to a new project they might want or to whatever use the donor desires.

How to Make Your Gift

Your gifts can be either undesignated as to purpose or you may, within a reasonable latitude, designate the object of your gift.

You can make a contribution through the Syracuse Foundation with:

  • Outright gifts are a simple, convenient way to donate and receive maximum tax advantages.  Money, securities, personal property or real property are the usual gifts.
  • Memorial gifts made in cash in any amount as a memorial to deceased persons.
  • Testamentary Gifts made by bequest contained in the Last Will of supporters of the Foundation for any of its purposes.
  • Gifts in kind in the nature of personal property of value such as crops, works of art, and other acceptable assets.
  • Gifts of Real Estate made either outright or conditionally, afford many opportunities for tax planning.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance in a number of ways.
  • Trusts as Gifts provide many attractive arrangements for benefiting the Foundation as well as tax planning.

The Syracuse Foundation solicits your gifts, large or small, for the benefit of the community.

Our Past, Present And Future

In the past, the Syracuse Foundation played an integral part in many large projects in and around Syracuse.  Some of these projects include the Syracuse Senior Center, Hartley Burr Alexander Home, playground equipment in the Williams and South Parks, bike/walk path in Williams Park, lights along the bike/walk path, and Avoca Town Hall restoration project.

Currently, the Syracuse Foundation is striving to get their name and cause into the public.  The Foundation is available as a method of giving money.  By using the Foundation, contributors can take advantage of a tax-exempt donation.

In the future, the Syracuse Foundation wants to expanded in every direction to meet the needs of the community.  We are here for you!!!

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