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Online Bill Pay

Make your payments online. You can pay your utility bill, tenant’s deposit, permits, and/or your Parks & Recreation fees.

The City of Syracuse is excited to announce that we have a new online bill pay system. This system will allow you to be able to make payments online, check your account balance, and see past utility bills. Please log in using your customer number (found on the lower right-hand corner of your bill) and your last name/business name. A service fee of 3.25% of the transaction amount with a $3.00 minimum will be applied to credit card payments and a fee of $2.50 will be applied to all payments made via electronic check. If you sign up for automatic payments the fee will be waived.

We also are offering a Pay by Phone option. You may make a payment by phone or check your account balance 24/7 with our automated phone service. Call (855) 646-1146.

 Below is an example of where to find your customer number on your bill.









Fireworks: the City Council approved and passed Ordinance 1125 allowing the use of fireworks from June 24th to July 5th, daily from 10:01 a.m. to midnight.


The City of Syracuse has received funding from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (NDED) Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF) to establish an Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program. Eligible homeowners may receive assistance pursuant to the program guidelines to make structural, mechanical, electrical, weatherization, and plumbing improvements to their homes. Click below for more information.

Syracuse OOR Program Guidelines

Syracuse OOR Brochure 2021 – Funded

Syracuse OOR Process – Applicants

Syracuse Rehab Application 2021

What causes high usage?

The summer and winter months can be prime seasons for high usage bills depending on your heating and cooling setup. For all customers with air conditioning, the summer generally produces higher usage bills. In the winter, customers with heat pumps or electric heating (electric resistance heating, Geothermal heating, etc.) will see higher usage bills.

Below we have outlined some of the higher usage items (when in use). Time plays a big role in a higher usage bill. The longer an item is used the more energy it will use, especially in adverse weather when an air-conditioner or electric furnace may need to run more often than normal.

Please note: these numbers are generalized numbers. Each item will have details printed on them detailing the exact amount of energy they use.

  • Electric Furnace
    • 1,000 sq. ft. home: 8,000 watts
    • 2,000 sq. ft. home: 26,000 watts
    • Blower: 750 watts (both electric and gas furnace)
  • Air-Conditioning
    • Central Air Unit – 2.5 tons: 3,500 watts
    • Large Window Unit: 1,500 watts
    • Small Window Unit: 900 watts
  • Major Appliances
    • Electric clothes dryer: 4,500 watts
    • Electric Water Heater: 3,800
    • Refrigerator: 200-700 watts

“Energy Usage FAQ.” OPPD Omaha Public Power District,

If you are concerned about the electricity getting used, you can contact an electrician to review your appliances/house to figure out if something is not energy efficient. The house “size” or people living in the house does have a factor in usage but so does the home’s efficiency. Example: if you have old windows, poor insulation, old appliances, appliances constantly running, etc; those items could also cause you to use more electricity.

When usage is higher generally this is NOT a meter issue. The City of Syracuse only checks to ensure our meter is working properly, we do not look to see why you are using more energy. Below are ways you can save money on your electricity bill.


EMERGENCY FINANCIAL HELP: Contact the agencies below if you are needing utility financial help DHHS LIHEAP Program: 402-471-3121 United Way Midlands: 211 Community Action Agencies: 402-471-3714 Salvation Army: 402-898-5900 American Red Cross-Midwest: 402-343-7755 Catholic Social Services: 800-981-8242 Local churches


THIRD PARTY NOTICE. Third party notice is available to all utility customers. Upon request, the City will send a copy of any notice of utility service discontinuance to the person (third party) authorized. This service benefits the disabled, handicapped or elderly, since notice will ensure a third party is aware of possible discontinuance of utility service.

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